Let me tell you about one of my sessions that makes my heart melt. This session was the type of session that became an excursion of life events.

I remember the day Kalli told me she was pregnant via IG dm- yaaaa girl! I was so excited (primarily since I’ve known them for ten years). She opens to tell me all her gender reveal ideas, then asked me to capture that moment for her.

RJ and Kalli’s closest family and friends gather at a¬†shooting range, to have their gender reveal for Baby Corley. They planned to shoot a powder box over the lake. I have never done a gender revel like so, I was so intrigued.

Everyone waiting patiently for RJ to get his aim on the target….. The suspense was building. On the first shot- BOOM! Pink Smoke rose in the sky. It was a girl, and everyone was thrilled. Between the family, the only person that knew the gender was Kalli’s mom, and she did a damn good job holding that secret. Any time Kalli would try to get her mom to spill the beans, she would refer to the baby as the chimp (hint see why she has these glass on).


RJ and Kalli were ready for any gender. They were prepared for the bundle of joy that was about to enter their lives. A few months later, Kalli and I created magic. I was allowed to capture Kalli in a boudoir maternity session. It was so dreamy. Look at this stunning momma!

On June 20th, the little queen was born! Of course, pictures were a must, so Titi Angelica had to visit.¬†The session was nothing to elaborate, just sweet baby Kynlee being her beautiful self. Being part of the Corley family baby voyage has been such an heart-filled journey! I can’t wait to watch Baby Kynlee grow up!