I did a thing I’ve always dreamt of. An idea that seems like a big dream that I wouldn’t be able to do because I’m just little ol’Angelica. A thing that I am damn sure proud of. Today, I put in my 2-week notice at my day job. You Guys – IM GOING FULL TIME WITH OUR BUSINESS. OhhMyyyGod. This has been a big end goal of mines for Pompy Portraits and has been something I have prayed about. God has continuously shown me signs that my time in corporate America needed to come to an end. 

As many of you know, I am a planner. But this didn’t go as planned & that’s okay. Taking this leap in faith has been more exciting than nerve recking for me. My positives vibes probably influence most of those feelings. This has been a decision that my husband Scharmy and I have discussed on numerous occasions. On the evening of May 30th, we sat down in our living room and crunched numbers (for the 4876573rd time 😂), and that was the moment we decided it was time. It was time to take this business to another level. It was time to spend more time with my husband and dogs at home. It was time for me to do what i love for a living. Scharmy has been behind me and supported EVERY decision I’ve been for the business so far -even the crazy ones- and this wouldn’t be possible without his dedicated, hard work, love and support.

A HUGE thank you to each and every one of our clients that have supported Pompy Portraits Photography and Photo Booth since 2017. You indeed are the ones that have made this dream a reality for me. Thank you for trusting us with your events and believing in my photography skills in capturing some special life moments for all of you. My passion for photography is beyond the imagery, it’s the ability to create relationships with you, and allow me to shout “yassssssss” in public without embarrassing you.

So excited to see what the future will hold and let the real hustle commence! Be sure to subscribe to our email listing to stay in the know of what’s happening at Pompy Portraits – from life updates, mini sessions, photo booth specials and more ✨