Pompy Portraits was born as Davila Designs and was started by a dream Angelica had. Angelica first started off working for Cady & Cady and was an aspiring photographer in college.

Pompy portraits all started in 2017. Angelica working full time was always asked when she would expand and grow her photography business, but it was more of a dream than anything. We get to Mid Summer of 2017. She had a coworker who was always discussing her daughter wedding and asked Angelica if it was possible for her to make this dream a reality.

Knowing Angelica, research was going to be done, and there would be a plan. Angelica brought me into the fold, and we began discussing ideas and designed she found online. You can tell Angelica was passionate about this due to the sheer amount of research she had. She made my job of understanding simple.
We decided to build our first booth before reaching out to a manufacturer to create one. We were so lucking to have a family friend, More like your favorite fake grandpa, to help us build the first booth.

Our first ever photo booth was our prize possession, but of course, it was very flawed. With a few events under our belt, we decided to manufacture and purchase our first modern booth. Coming to the end of year two, we completed the project for our third booth. We are going to retire the first booth and make a display out of it.